I have a toothache

Tooth­ache can have va­rious causes:

If a tooth is sen­si­ti­ve when che­wing or to heat or cold, the den­tal ner­ve is of­ten in­fla­med. Of­ten the pain al­so hap­pens on its own. In such a ca­se a root ca­nal tre­at­ment must be car­ri­ed out.

So­me­ti­mes, ho­we­ver, on­ly a lar­ger ca­ries, which has­n’t yet re­a­ched the ner­ve, is to bla­me. Then a fil­ling is of­ten sufficient.

If, on the other hand, the tooth is on­ly pain­ful when che­wing, gum in­flamm­a­ti­on or pe­ri­odon­ti­tis may be present.

In ra­re ca­ses, the cau­se is overs­train from grin­ding and pres­sing or if a new fil­ling or crown/bridge is too high.

The­re are other ra­re di­se­a­ses that cau­se tooth­ache. The sym­ptoms of the abo­ve men­tio­ned di­se­a­ses can al­so be dif­fe­rent. So the­se pos­si­bi­li­ties are on­ly com­mon cau­ses and don’t re­place a de­tail­ed ex­ami­na­ti­on and dia­gno­sis in our practice.