I have a gap bet­ween my tee­th or miss­ing teeth

The­re are va­rious ways to clo­se a tooth gap or re­place miss­ing teeth:
  • Im­plants are the most ele­gant me­thod. They are ar­ti­fi­ci­al tooth roots ma­de of ti­ta­ni­um, on which the ar­ti­fi­ci­al (usual­ly fi­xed) tee­th are then placed.
  • Ar­ti­fi­ci­al tee­th can be at­ta­ched to na­tu­ral neigh­bou­ring tee­th by me­ans of a bridge. The pre­re­qui­si­te is that the pa­ti­ent has en­ough of their own teeth.
  • If you on­ly have small gaps wi­t­hout miss­ing tee­th in the front area, we can clo­se the­se gaps wi­th in­vi­si­ble braces.
  • If you have a lot of miss­ing tee­th, a re­mo­va­ble pro­sthe­sis can be ma­de if im­plants are out of the question.