Fil­lings (seals)

Dril­ling wi­t­hout a drill — wi­th the laser

Are you afraid of the drill or does the vi­bra­ti­on bo­ther you? We’­ve got the so­lu­ti­on for you: Gent­le la­ser in­s­tead of rumbling drills. This is a dream co­me true for ma­ny pa­ti­ents on­ly wi­th us and we’­ve be­en do­ing this for se­ve­ral ye­ars now.

Amal­gam? No, thanks!

The gui­de­lines of the sta­tu­to­ry he­alth insu­rance still pre­scri­be amal­gam as stan­dard ca­re, alt­hough he­alth con­cerns ha­ven’t be­en com­ple­te­ly refuted.

There’s a re­ason why it’s pro­hi­bi­ted for pregnant wo­men, mi­nors and kid­ney pa­ti­ents. It al­so has to be dis­po­sed of as ha­zar­dous waste.

This is one of the re­asons why we’­ve never used amalgam.

Mo­dern alternatives

Today’s den­ti­stry of­fers you a ran­ge of ma­te­ri­als that of­fer uni­que ad­van­ta­ges over amalgam.
Cera­mic fil­lings and com­po­si­tes (syn­the­tic fil­lings) are par­ti­cu­lar­ly no­te­wor­t­hy here.